Dancers & Performers

Customized Routines

From Broadway to Lincoln Center to the Metropolitan Opera, NYC is known for its incredible abundance of performing artists and dancers. Using the city’s best assets, you have the opportunity to hire such talented individuals to create the performance of your dreams. Your suit blazers and dresses shouldn’t be the only things perfectly tailored for you events. Choose your song (even a live performance), your theme, and what style of dance you’d like to see!


Whether it’s helping you learn that line dance or getting your favorite guest on the floor, party motivators are key to interacting with guests of all ages, ensuring an amazing time on your first-class celebration. Never doubt your ability to have a good time with a party motivator or two by you and your guests sides!

Lessons & Choreography

Just because you have two left feet, doesn’t mean all hope is lost! GAM’s A-list talent can perform your custom routine not only for you but also with you! From first dances, to flash mobs, and surprises we cover all styles of dance and offer private lessons in prime studio spaces in New York City. If you’re not a close commute to the Big Apple don’t worry, we can always travel at your convenience.

Aerial Skills

Be dazzled by one of our aerial artists at your upcoming event. (Please ask your event coordinator if your venue has proper rigging capabilities)