Music Production

GAM artists produce and Remix many tracks as seen below, from classics, to today's hits, and even original scores, GAM has placed independent artists in film scores and more!

Mike Dominico

In addition to his career as a DJ, Mike Dominico has spent the better part of two decades as a music producer and remixer. Working with major labels including Sony and Universal, Mike has remixed artists to include Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, while his work with “major” independents has led to his acclaimed remix of Underground Solution's classic, "Luv Dancin’” for Strictly Rhythm Records. In 2007 Mike launched his underground House music label, Muted Trax, which has since gone on to earn the respect of DJs all over the world.


In an effort to make his own personal mixes more accessible during a high demand for his services DJ KevG linked with Cisco Records to create three significant remixes in his time. Including “Everyone Falls” his records sold over 80,000 copies and KevG became the highest selling independent remixer in the 20 year time-span of Cisco’s company.
Video: Universal Music Presents Yellow Lounge (Music and Video Soundtrack by DJ Kevin Gould)


Emkai has been heavily involved within the house industry as a known DJ for many years, more recently he has entered the world of music production and his anticipated releases haven't disappointed! He is also now owner/operator of the fresh new deep house imprint "Doplr* Trax"